place for Family reunions in Rocky Point, Mexico

A Pleasant and Comfortable Vacation Spot for You

Finding a good vacation spot for yourself is the most important decision that you need to make after deciding to go for a vacation. Different people prefer different types of places to spend their holidays, they consider different options such as villas, apartments, beach houses or a townhouse. You can find many holiday rentals while travelling with your friends, family or partner but Beachfront Villa Puerto Penasco is ideal for you providing you open spaces, all the activities and facilities to celebrate and share special occasions and make beautiful memories with your family, friends or close ones. We make sure that our guests get a taste of our culture, experience the beauty of nature and enjoy it to the fullest. So you need to pack your bags and come to us!

Resort Relaxation and Outdoor Activities

We can say this from our experience that the minute you’ll enter Beachfront Villa Puerto Penasco you will experience services like never before and have the best time of your life. We will make sure that your vacations go smoothly. Our rooms are fully furnished along with an attached bathroom. There is a Tv installed with a music system. The bathroom has all the necessary toiletry items and is kept clean to provide a hygienic environment. There is a kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances. The dining room provides seating for 15 people with a beautiful view of the seaside. You will be given access to high speed Wi-Fi throughout your stay and there is a computer room as well in case you have to attend to some urgent office work.There is a pool and a common patio for everyone. There are 6 barbecue grills near the courtyard. We have designed different activities for people of different age groups.

place for Family reunions in Rocky Point, Mexico

We offer musical shows, tombola, bird watching and fireworks for families and kids. For people who love adventure they can enjoy surfing, paralyzing, trekking, quad biking, river boating and archery. There is a morning session for yoga and meditation as well.

Privacy and Security Ensured

We offer you personalized space to ensure privacy. For this we have a separate category that offers separate sections for families or are on a business trip. We request all our guests to behave in respectful and cordial manner with others and do not interfere in the personal space of others. To make our large beachfront homes secure and safe for you we have appointed guards on all the entry and exit points. We have installed cameras in all the corridors and areas. Our entire resort is monitored by drones so that we have a bird’s eye view of what is happening around to not only make your trip enjoyable but also safe and secure. A medical team which comprises two doctors and 3 nurses is always present along with an ambulance. We make sure that you and your family will have a great time with us. It would be best for you to visit villa Puerto Penasco with your family. This is the best place where you can have fun with your family. Family reunions at rocky point are of high significance. Many families who come here enjoy their stay, they make memories for life and cherish little moments.

Family Reunions at Rocky Point

We have different rental options for you if you want a spacious villa or an apartment or just a room. You can choose your accommodation according to your taste or based on the factors whether you want your accommodation to have a sea view, a private pool or easy and quick access to the sea. For couples who have planned vacations for a romantic escape we offer cozy cottages. Open houses are also available for family gathering or family reunions at rocky point. You can book from one to four accommodations. Each room is special and different in its own way. Our vibrant and colorful rooms are kept clean to provide a healthy environment and are equipped with beautiful and comfortable furniture.